Multidisciplinary Designer



Cody is an award winning designer specializing in immersive experiences and environment exploration games.

Founder of Escape Realm: Escape Room Design & Fabrication
Designer of Sneaky Cards & Sneaky Cards 2 Social Gaming
Founder of The Arcane Society - A Design Collective
Speaker on Immersive Design & Creative Engineering

Cody Borst Profile
Sneaky Cards
The Arcane Society
Escape Realm


Escape Realm - Rabbit Hole Recreation Services - Denver Escape Room - Mystic Escape Room - The Puzzle Effect - 303 Escape - Sky Town Escape - Phoenix Escape Room - Bend Escape Room -  Gilbert Escape Room - Bakersfield Escape Room - Fresno Escape Room - Frisco Escape Room - Costa Rica Escape Bus
From design to fabrication and all aspects of production, Cody uses a wide range of skills to bring escape rooms to life. Cody has hand built 23 escape rooms and licensed 34 of his game designs that are currently operating across the country. Ruins of the Mystic Temple, Paradox - The Incredible Time Machin, Frost Base Z, Rampancy, Fracture, Winterfall, The Crimson Storm, Containment, Grim Stacks, PipeWorks, Knight & Rook Investigations, Spygames, Orbital Escape. Microcontroller; software and hardware fabrication.


Oculus, Facebook, Visual LLC, Epic Games, Dual Reality Games
Working closely with the community relations division of Oculus, a Facebook subsidiary, and the relations manager of Epic Games to further develop developer relations and the VR industry. Alongside several other studios and developers, Cody helped create the VR standards and best practice guidelines for emerging virtual reality experiences. Daily solving integration and design related challenges.


Sneaky Cards & Sneaky Cards 2 - Published by Gamewright
Sneaky Cards breaks the boundaries of the table top and tasks you with challenges to complete in your everyday life. Each card presents a unique opportunity to engage with your surroundings and the people in your community. Sneaky Cards has grown to be an international smash hit, selling in major retailers and has made its way to over 50 countries. Available at stores such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kohl’s, Target, Kmart, Walgreens, and Walmart.


The Hopper Boulder - Mind Trust Member
Museum of A.I. - Experience Designer & Consultant
Maker Bolder - Event design for site wide puzzle hunt
Google - Dual campus event for interactive puzzles and scavenger hunt
Colorado Escape Enthusiasts - Community Group Admin
Denver Startup Week - Pannel Speaking and Installation Art


CU Boulder Experience Design Masters Program - Guest Speaker and Host
Denver Immersive Summit - Featured Speaker on Accessibility in Immersive Design
CU Denver Architecture Undergraduates Program - Guest Speaker on Environmental Play
Gazamo Network - Online lecturing on core principles of design and architecture in gaming


Fields of Study
MIT Computer Science, Stanford Game Theory and Psychology; Harvard Business and Entrepreneurship
Primary disciplines have been courses in game design, engineering, computer science, psychology, business, visual arts, and other STEM related fields. Research discipline in game mechanics and game theory, with published papers on the physiology and subneural response to VR integration.

Stanford, OCW
Technology Entrepreneurship; Business & Management
Focusing on the process technology entrepreneurs use to start companies. Cody learned how to take a technology based idea and finding a high-potential commercial opportunity, gathering resources such as talent and capital, figuring out how to sell and market the idea, and managing rapid growth.

Computer System Engineering
Multi discipline design through computer science and systems engineering. This course covers a wide range of digital computer systems and their commercial and industrial applications.


Plato Magazine - 4 Page feature and interview with Cody, issue 117
RePlay Magazine - Escape room design interview
Casual Game Revolution Magazine - Feature and interview Spring 2017 issue 

Cody’s work has also been featured on sites such as: Boing Boing, West Word, The Guardian, Upworthy, Best of the West, BuzzFeed, Dice Tower, Today In Board Games, Casual Game Insider, Southwest Airlines, Hilton Hotels, Institute for the Future, Live Escape Game Reviews, Puzzle Drifter, The Hook, Bored Panda, I Heart Chaos, Kid Screen, Games by Play Date, The Rising Tithes, Discover Explore Learn, Bearded Meeple, Deckaholic, The Game Isle, Indie Tabletop, Creative Commons, The Examiner, Major Fun, Engaged Family Gaming, I Slay The Dragon, Father Geek, Board Game Geek, Meeples Games, Kill Screen Daily, ASTRA, and The Awesomer.


Kill Screen’s Playlist Selection: The first non-videogame winner of the Playlist Selection
Live Escape Room Review’s Skeleton Key Award: Best overall competitive Escape Game
Kidscreen’s Best of Toy Fair: Best overall new card game
The Dice Tower’s Seal of Approval: Sneaky Cards
ASTRA’s Best Toys for Kids: Sneaky Cards
Major fun! Award: Sneaky Cards